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I adore camping, nature and angling and best of all together with my family or my good friends. Like the words of that famous song: “I live for and through her”. Everything started in 1995 at the Milan airport, because I was bored I bought a magazine Pescare Carpfishing. I was really impressed by this enormous carp and I said to myself “I also want to angle such a fish”. In those days here in spain there was no information and material available, so that I took the plunge and went angling just with a hair glued with Loctite and a few home maid boilies – the sticky ones. In 1997 the first articles of Carpon were published and I learned a lot of them. The same year I was really fortunate to go angling with Peter Staggs to an angling session to Andalucia. I personally do not consider myself as carp angler until 1998. I spent the whole year at Lagunas de Ruidera and at the Peñarroya Lake . Both are of these places which make you learn and harden you and from than I was born as a Carp fisher . The same year I got to know Pedro Omarrementeria, a real gentleman. He also adores angling and he's a specialist in many different angling categories. Months later I get up to us Gabriel Vicente who began to show interest by this modality of fishing. Finally I found team-mates and friends for my adventures and we started the conquest of the Valencia . In March 2000 Webcarp was born. Our idea was to spread the philosophy of Carpfishing and make it available to everybody. Gabriel as the Webmaster was responsible to design this beautiful Web which it actually is. I was in the meanwhile doing the commercial part – looking for sponsors and partners for our project. At the beginning it was not at all easy but little by little the interest in Carpfishing increased. The first big success was that Federpesca offered us to run the section of Carpfishing. Thanks to hard work, Webcarp grew up until it became a big organisation with its own name. My national record of common carp is 22.1kg and royal carp 22.7kg. The biggest common carp I have angled weight 25.2kg and the biggest royal 24.3kg, both in France . Like personal trophy, my favourite carp is a common one of 11.2kg, due to the difficulty of the waters and the fishes. I am 41 years old, my son Samuel (14 years) and daughter Laura (12 years). I'm technician of Logistic, having worked 12 years for the German airline Luthansa. At the present time I am exerting like Logistic Manager in an important company of international transport.

My job is Logistic Technical, but occasionally I work us angling guide. Big part of my customers come from abroad because I speak English, German and have some notion of French and Italian. Much experience and good knowledge of the waters leads me to be successful. If you would like some more information do not hesitate in contacting me.

Kind regards,