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Jucar River


Just last month we featured Spanish angler Daniel Calleja with a stunning 49lb alter several years of trying to match one of better fish from that particular water. To show it was no fluke, Daniel has also been across France for a short, four-day session with friends and it was very productive for all them. They fished a small gravel pet near of the River Rhone in the Camargue area, where, amongst other fish. Daniel baked two mirrors of 39lb 4oz and 47lb 14oz. But it didn´t end there. Just after returning home he found some time for a short trip to the Jucar River . Close to his home, where he managed what he described as a “precious common” of 47lb! Great stuff Daniel- keep it up!






You will be able to find more information in the International Carper Nº35 Sep. 2006