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Welcome to Eurocarp 01.01.2011,

It´s long time ago I have desire to have an own Web, in that to be able to develop my creative facet. The idea of this Web is disclose this modality of fishing and at the same time to expose my personal experiences like angler. Eurocarp is a new personal project that it for a long time had in mind and that to the aim has become reality. I continue in Webcarp like charter member, but I do it of passive form leaving the direction into the hands of Gabriel Vicente.

If you wish that one inquires to you whenever an update of the Web is made, sends a email a: with the message UPDATE.

The reason of this web site is to spread this category of angling and at the same time to set out my personal experiences as an angler. There will be also plenty of room for my friends madness and for everybody who wants to bring in something interesting. I would like to be this web a little bit different from the conventional web sites. At first, neither there will be a forum nor chat, because you have many good chats to your disposition.

The homepage finishes turning since March 2007, I am very satisfied by the acceptance that it has had. I have received great amount of praises by the made work and spirits to follow to offer an informative Web of quality. I hope to continue counting on your collaboration, so that this Web one becomes a point of reference in the Carpfishing World.

Tight lines,

Daniel Calleja





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