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News from Ebro II


The phones were red-hot recently with the news that Spain´s River Ebro has been smashed with a common of 63lb 4oz (28.85kg). Reports of the capture came to us via Rob Hughes of Angling International and our man in the know from that part of the world, Daniel Calleja. Apparently the fish was actually caught from the point at which the River Segre joins the Ebro close to the town of Mequinenza , from a stretch of the river that can be booked with Angling International. Daniel informed us about the actual landing of the fish in more detail and the capture and weight were verified in front of several witnesses. Besides weighing 63lb 4oz, it measured 110cm long and 95cm in girth. Shortly after its eventual release, anglers from regional carp fishing fraternity repied that the fish came as no surprise to who have fished the river and who have witnessed the phenomenal growth rates of the Ebro carp during the last few years. Daniel Calleja himself has also been amongst some good Ebro fish of late. Last month he reported to us that he had broken his own personal best with a fish of 20.8kg. Well his PB has gone again with another stunning common of 21.6kg.





You will be able to find more information in the International Carper Nº18 Apr. 2005