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News from Ebro I


There was a time not all that long ago, when the Ebro River was known for producing stacks of action from small average size of fish. How times have changed! Now we are hearing of more and more good carp coming from the big Spanish river . Regular International Carper contributor, Daniel Calleja, got in touch with us to tell us about some of his recent captures, which incude a personal best of 45lb 12oz and another backup common of 43lb 12oz. All of Daniel´s fish fell to Nash Baits Monster Pursuit baits. This just goes to show how much the fish have grown on over there as carp above 45lb are starting to become quite a regular occurrence, and we can only imagine what will be coming out of there in a few years. Daniel is an expert on the Ebro and will tell us all about the river in a forthcoming issue of this magazine, but he is also starting up a quiding business, which you can read about elsewhere in this mag.







You will be able to find more information in the International Carper Nº17 Mar. 2005