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Buseo Lake

I recently received a report of a very surprising capture from Daniel Calleja , telling me of a recent session on a mountain lake in Spain :

“In 1995 I caught my first carp on boilies at Lake Buseo in Spain . I always liked this little mountain lake, even if the results until now have always been quite poor. Lake Buseo has got an enormous population of small carp, which normally show their presence before the better fish. Until today I had only caught one of 7 kilos but I was always convinced that there must be bigger specimens in that Lake .

The Buseo Lake was built in 1912, it is the oldest lake of the region of Valencia and one of the oldest in Spain . There is no evidence that in the last 50 years it dried out completely. When it is full, its surface covers 60 hectares. With the intention of fishing there in winter we baited over several month with 24mm fish pellets from Ebro Carp. In the end, we could not fish last winter and we decided instead to try our luck over the weekend of 24 th -25 th June. At 4.00 a.m. on the Sunday I had a bite on a double fish pellet. The carp did not struggle too much, but I noticed a heavy weight on the other end. After a 20 minute fight I finally succeeded in landing the fish and I could hardly believe what I was seeing! In front of me there was a huge royal carp with an enormous belly. Very soon the needle on the scales was pointing to 22.2kg (49lb). This far exceeded my expectations! These are the moments that make you forget all the past failures and it makes carp fishing something so very special”.




You will be able to find more information in the International Carper Nº34 Aug. 2006